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Retirement. What does that mean? - By Peter Burke

I suggest it’s a very very bad use of terms. Why do we work for 60% of our lives, often doing stuff that we really don’t love? Do we do it to fund our lifestyle? To feed and educate our kids? To pay off our house mortgage?  Perhaps also it’s to fund this mystical thing we call retirement. What does this really mean?

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But, where do I start? - By Ben Kemp

The question on the lips of so many everyday Aussie’s: “Where do I start?”

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Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore - By Jay Burke

Like Dorothy, many financial advisers and consumers are awakening from a dreamlike psychedelic decade to find themselves in OZ, a new world of Crypto currency, Robo Advice, Acorns, Instagram investment gurus and the internet of everything.

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