Retirement. What does that mean?

by Peter Burke

I suggest it’s a very very bad use of terms. Why do we work for 60% of our lives, often doing stuff that we really don’t love? Do we do it to fund our lifestyle? To feed and educate our kids? To pay off our house mortgage?  Perhaps also it’s to fund this mystical thing we call retirement. What does this really mean?

I think retirement really is a position in our life where we can have a choice, to be able to live through a bucket list of dreams – the things we want to do.

We need to be able to stay in life and live every moment.

Retirement. Maybe that’s when we have the opportunity to live with passive income, no pressure on the clock, no urgency to do things that others want us to do, but just the chance to do what we would like to do, what we would love to do and actually live every moment.

I think each of us needs to not be afraid to spend the money we have accumulated through our life, to spend it on those important things.

It’s critical when we get to that point that everyone calls ‘retirement’ that we live and not wait for the moment to come but get out there and enjoy.

Retirement. Lets talk about a change of life, a change of lifestyle, a change of pace. Lets talk about when we can actually get out and do all the things we want to do, don’t wait for them to come to you, get out and chase them, pursue them. Don’t be afraid to spend a dollar or two, because we don’t want to be the wealthiest person in the coffin.

Retirement. Or better perhaps phrased as ‘a great moment to live our dreams and get out and enjoy our life, without all the financial pressures and demands that are on us throughout our working life’.

Good luck.

Go and love it.

Enjoy it.


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